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I've always been a very visual person. Influenced by both my older brothers who were photographers, and my father who took wonderful wilderness photos, I was fascinated early on by the entire process, and I often hung around our family dark room while they developed films and worked on their prints.


I have throughout my professional life taken pictures of the many events and locations that I've had the privilege to visit and explore. As a performer and artist, I've had almost unlimited access to backstage areas, rehearsals, and the inner workings of many events.

I don't stage or plan out my photos. I consider my camera to be an extension of my eyes. I try to capture what speaks to me, no matter its significance in the actual situation.

Until recently I have kept my photography work private but when the Pandemic hit with isolation, uncertainty and all its limitations, I made use of the rare abundance of time  to comb through my archives. I realized that even in an enforced retreat I could return, not only to the locations and situations, but I could both recall my feeling as well as live new ones.

Pictures, like music, allow you a very personal experience. Without language, they can tell you a story and let you be places that even the author might not have been.

by  Jill Mercedes


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